What’s in a Name?


Frankly, it was Christy who inspired the name of this blog. Hey, it could’ve sounded worse.

He had actually suggested I call it BabiGirl@HotGoddess.com. How ludicrous!

But, I quite liked the BabiGirl bit, particularly since I was the one who coined him the name Babi Boy not too long ago.

Right. Moving along now, I used to have a blog, which I eventually abandoned. Kinda gets tiring, all this writing, especially since I already write for a living.

So why did I bother with a blog in the first place eh? Not sure; maybe it was peer pressure, or the need to vent.

I have to admit, though, that peer pressure has motivated me to start blogging yet again. Can’t tell how long this one’s gonna last before I abandon it.

But, first things first – I’ve gotta try and figure out what this blog is gonna be about. And THEN we’ll talk about how long I’ll keep up with it.

Wish me luck.


About The Malaysian Minx

vivacious. Venus. vocal. Verbose. voracious. Voluptuous. vain. Vacationer. versatile. Vigorous. vogue. Valiant. vanguard. Vamp. venomous. Vociferous. vivid. Vicarious. virtuous (occasionally). Very nice. **Gravatar image is an original painting by Malaysian artist extraordinaire, Meme**

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