Something About Jaya


I’ve taken another baby step towards blogging today, and it’s all because of Jaya.

Jaya’s quite a bundle of fun, and although it doesn’t seem like it, this flirtatious chick with the coy smile is quite a blog whiz.

What really surprised me was that she even blogged at all!

Unsurprisingly, though, Jaya’s blog is titled For Vain and Valid Reasons. Very apt, specially where Jaya’s concerned.

My first impression of Jaya was that she was a vain pot. I wasn’t wrong. But, her vanity is justified, valid, even, considering the expert she is in the beauty department.

Jaya has great complexion, is always flawlessly made up, and never leaves home without make-up in her bag. We sometimes catch her preening or checking her make-up in her compact mirror. Some people might think that’s excessive, but I think that fully explains why you’ll never catch her with running mascara, smudged eyeliner, unevenly rouged cheeks or untinted lips. How many women can even look like that? I’m still trying to figure out how not to look like a raccoon at the end of a working day! Maybe I’ll ask her for tips on which mascara to use.

That she was a flirt, was something I found out eventually. But that just adds to her allure, I think. And speaking as a woman, I find her flirtation rather amusing simply because she applies age-old tactics, such as the naughty little girl smile, the sidewise glance, and the cute giggle. It’s not too overdone, I feel, not like some other people we both know (maybe someday I’ll blog about her – I know Jaya will).

For all that flirting expertise, she seems to attract the strangest men. There’s this dude in the office that comes round to hover behind her when she works – a real geeky looking chap whom we never in our wildest imaginations thought would even get the slightest whiff of Jaya’s attention. Then there’s this this Bengali dude that’s gone out his way to get her attention by volunteering to help her out when her car stalled in the Pavilion parking lot for more than a day. In a twist of events, his car then stalled, and she had to bail him out. Poor dude, he doesn’t know how far off the mark he is. And her former landlord?..quite sleazy, I have to say, and an old sleazebag, at that.

There are more weird men in Jaya’s list, but she’s got her share of the nicer ones, too. For one that complains about not feeling loved, our friend recently came to the office only to find that she received a huge bottle of Kenzo perfume from some bloke in the UK. Very nice. But then we suffered the permeating reek of Kenzo for the next few days after that.

Today, she got poked by quite a yummy looking guy on Facebook. Not bad.

She seems demure, but behind the sweetie-pie facade lurks a firebrand that ignites easily with the right trigger. Just about a month ago, she put a certain missy in her place for making false claims about her assets (some people can be a little too full of themselves). We thought they were going to get into an argument.

Today, she gave that same missy a piece of her mind for royally insulting her. Needless to say, the young missy (who, incidentally tries to act too old for her age, and thinks too highly of herself) shut up immediately. Good ol’ Jaya. I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

But, back to my baby steps.

Thanks to Jaya, I now have a clock on my site. Tomorrow, I’ll see if I can put in a site meter. If I fail, I’ll know who to look for for some advice.


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  1. babe…i am smiling to myself 🙂 its funny to read about yourself, like a whole story centered on you, and just you.but nice 😉 call it flirting..its effective communication…well, at most times…hehee.

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