Turning Tide


I STILL haven’t installed the site meter yet, but at least I’ve figured out what I want this blog to be about.

It’s about life – mine, anyway, and the people and incidences that revolve around it.

Like our 12th general election, for instance.

Yesterday was certainly a historic day for Malaysians. Finally, the people have spoken – the ruling government, BN, no longer has 2/3 majority, and the opposition has been given a bigger mandate. Looks like Malaysia has had enough of the lies from Badawi’s regime. Serves the BN right for being so complacent and cocky and for playing dirty.

Now, the state of Selangor has fallen into the hands of the opposition.

And, amazingly, PJ Utara – with perhaps the largest constituency of voters in the country – fell wholesale into the hands of the DAP.

The last two weeks saw me working the campaign trail. Each day, despite having to devote more coverage to the BN, I still witnessed how the opposition increasingly drew more supporters to its cause – not that they had to try too hard; too much had happened in the country for the rakyat to ever look at the government with the same rose-tinted shades again.

It tickled me that the company I work for – always known for being extremely right-wing – has now become a left-wing paper, considering its location on what has become opposition soil. The ball-carrier of the Barisan Nasional, particularly the MCA, has now found itself on the other end of the stick.

Now that Chew Mei Fun and her posse are out, and Tony Pua (winning by a thumping 20, 000 majority!) and his band of merry men are in, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the best.

Truly, PJ Utara has taken the lead for a change, with all three seats falling into the DAP’s hands. I’m dead certain the Barisan is still reeling at the shock of their bitter defeat.

Then again, the whole nation is recovering from the shock of the landslide change in the overall scheme of things.

Ultimately, all the people want, as a result of good governance, is peace, justice and equal rights for all, regardless of race and creed.


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