Long Hiatus


I totally forgot I had this blog!!

Just a brief update:

Boring day today. Hot all day, and now, it’s suddenly pouring cats, dogs and their relatives. It’s been work, work, work all the way, now that we are down to only two staff on the desk and we’re both on leave for Chinese New Year. Gonna miss working with Sarah. She’s so efficient!

Had pork sandwiches for lunch, made by Mister Sandwich Maestro. Oh, so sedap gillerrr babi!!!!!

Can’t wait to leave the office and rest for the next four days!

Happy Chinese New Year, all!


About The Malaysian Minx

vivacious. Venus. vocal. Verbose. voracious. Voluptuous. vain. Vacationer. versatile. Vigorous. vogue. Valiant. vanguard. Vamp. venomous. Vociferous. vivid. Vicarious. virtuous (occasionally). Very nice. **Gravatar image is an original painting by Malaysian artist extraordinaire, Meme**

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