Intellectual Tight-Ass


TODAY I received an interesting e-mail from this person whom I had been getting to know slowly. We’ve never met; only corresponded via e-mail over the last three months. It’s funny, the impressions we leave on others and form about others just through our words alone.

This guy describes himself as a glorified bum, writes well, and has displayed on many occasions, a sharp wit. I suspect, in person, he could likely have a sharp tongue.

I had him pegged as an intellectual tight-ass, and surprisingly, he had the same opinion of me. My reasons for doing so was his rather high-handed and very sarky opinions; his was because of my excessive reading and coffee intake (a very shallow basis, V, if I may say so heh heh).

He has decided that we have finally connected on some common ground as two pompous, self-absorbed individuals who are oblivious of the messages they send out to the universe.

Pompous? Self-absorbed? Hell, no…but that’s me on myself 🙂 Oblivious? Definitely, more often than I wish to admit…

I wonder if there will be great laughs ahead in this friendship. I hope so. It would be nice to have an intellectual tight-assed, pompous, self-absorbed and oblivious individual as a friend.

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