Starting Back at One


IT LOOKS like she is there again. Back at a stupid fork in the road of life where giddy anticipation and wariness converge; where she wonders whether to take that step forward or remain with the familiar what-could’ve-beens of the past; where she wonders if this is it, he is it?

Memories can be painful.

Years back, she hooked up with someone. He was perfect, or so she thought…they had great times and some of her worst times, too. They loved each other; she gave her all (eventually)…but he didn’t. Throughout the years they were together, her self-esteem constantly took a beating.

It wasn’t that he took to condemning her at all; no, it was just that she felt like a non-entity. Sure, he bought her presents, wined her and dined her, loved her. But not once did she ever feel like she was worth it.

Right till the end, she was never THE one. She was always hidden despite everything said and done. He said he wanted her, loved her; apparently not enough.

Why did she do nothing? Insecurity, uncertainty, fear…these had made way in her heart.

But, years of insignificance and tears eventually caught up. It was time to move.

It is time to move on.

Now she’s back to square one. No more hiding. No more being someone’s dirty little secret. She hopes for something better.

Could she hope now? Would things be different? Can she now be THE one?

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About The Malaysian Minx

vivacious. Venus. vocal. Verbose. voracious. Voluptuous. vain. Vacationer. versatile. Vigorous. vogue. Valiant. vanguard. Vamp. venomous. Vociferous. vivid. Vicarious. virtuous (occasionally). Very nice. **Gravatar image is an original painting by Malaysian artist extraordinaire, Meme**

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