Monthly Archives: April 2010

Absence Makes the Heart Go FLOUNDER


WHO ever said ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ was full of BS. Or, emotionally masochistic.

I’ve been mulling over this statement the last few days and, nope, can’t seem to find any truth in it. Perhaps the dude forgot to mention absence “for a couple of days”…

I don’t do long absences or distances too well. My track record has proven so, and a recent absence(s) has all but reminded me again why I’ve always sucked in this department.

I’ve been missing quite a number of things lately: my computer, bits of me, and the prince charming.

My computer malfunctioned and was taken away for two days (IT tells me it’s because my hard disk needed replacement)… I got it back today, but it was a truncated moment of joy for me (all of two minutes): turns out there’s a virus which has corrupted the entire system. So, back to square one. WTF???!!

Bits of me: I seem to have “lost” myself somehow… I don’t know where I’ve gone. Perhaps adulthood does that to certainly seems like so to me. If I don’t find me soon, I might start getting used to this. Heaven forbid!

The prince charming: is far, far away. Elusive. Incomprehensible.

These temporary losses are causing me to flounder.