Tempting Topiary


I AM a happy woman…although I had no happy thoughts first thing this morning.

I woke up with the usual hangup of having to drag my sorry ass to the office (my favourite days are the days when I don’t have to go to work, but, really, I shouldn’t complain because it ain’t all that bad). Having to iron a particularly difficult shirt three times consecutively made my mood all the bleaker. To make matters worse, I was late. Yes, again.

I was stopped by the receptionist-cum-HR person as soon as I breezed in. I panicked for a moment, thinking ‘My ass is so busted…they are gonna nail me for being extra late today for sure.’

To my surprise, I was told that I had a gift. Puzzled, I watched as she reached behind and placed this beautiful bouquet in front of me.

It took me a moment to realise that this yummy little topiary (yup – it was not even a mere bouquet…it was a friggin’ work of art!) was for me. ME! And with it came this really sweet self-penned poem by a beautiful, wonderful person. Now, Beautiful Wonderful Person (BWP) is not even in the country at the moment. It was during one of BWP’s wanderings at Solaris recently, that he came across this neat little florist-cum-bakery shop. BWP walked in, selected the flowers and other knick-knacks and left the rest in the artistic hands of the florist. Yeah, kinda like a veni, vidi, vici moment.

Bear with me a while longer. The topiary is a prettily woven arrangement of gerberas, mums and roses punctuated with white and dark chocolates, strawberries (fresh and dipped in chocolate) and cherries. Here are some close-ups:

What really moved me was the thought behind the gesture: the selection of flowers and chocolates, the poem; the whole works.

Thank you, BWP, for being such a beautiful, wonderful person. You made my day especially when I needed it.

For some brief details on the creation in the words of the florist and to know more about the florist, click here.

NOTE: Pictures courtesy of Little Collins Bakery & Florist

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