The Allure of Avillion


SO there I was in desperate need of a holiday. I’d been entertaining fantasies of going somewhere quiet, private and not too expensive…and it seemed like the most viable plan was to go local.

And so I headed to Avillion, Port Dickson for a quick getaway. The place was comfortable, the staff friendly, the food better than decent, and the open shower super glorious (too bad I have no photos of that).

It was, sadly, a holiday that ended too soon. Would I go there again? Absolutely. I’m still craving for the herbal chicken soup and fried cod fish with rice.

From the balcony

Each room comes furnished with a balcony/veranda. Depending on which chalet you are staying in, you get a view of the pool, garden or the wide open sea. A lover of water and the beach, I chose to stay in the Tumasek chalets, as they offer you a wide vista of the sea and is more private than the other chalets. It is a bit of a walk from the main area of the resort, but that was hardly a price to pay for solitude and a better view.

Lookout Point

The Tumasek chalets stretch right out from the beach, hovering right above the water.

Low Tide at Sundown

Dusk is particularly beautiful in Avillion. I remember walking around and taking in the differences in light and colour at various areas around the resort.


Sunsets are not crazy spectacular; not like something you would expect from the peak of a mountain, but the simple wonders of nature is certainly worth looking at.

Trudging back to Tumasek

The walkway to each chalet has a rustic, fishing village feel to it. Something I appreciated, particularly since it was such a change from the city.

Avillion by Night

I particularly enjoyed walking around the resort at night, watching the interplay between darkness and light and the reflections they cast on the water.

Wash your feet, kampung-style

I love the beach, but hate the sand. Unfortunately, you can’t have one without the other, but Avillion makes going to the beach bearable (and leaves less work for housekeeping) with these thoughtfully-placed water ‘tempayan’ at the entrance of each chalet cluster.


The restaurants are located right at the pool edge (foreground). This was a much appreciated convenience for lazy (pool) bums like me who refused to leave the water.

Mommy and Daughter

I was not the only one spending so much time getting my skin busted by the unforgiving UV rays of the sun 🙂

Animal Farm

If sitting by the pool and reading for countless of hours makes you feel like you will lose your mind, go play with the animals in the pet farm/petting zoo. Opens at 10am.

(L-R) Miss Donatella, Miss Speckles, Mister Crowalot, and Miss Warble.

I chanced upon this motley crew catching up after their morning feed on my way to the poolside.

Food Frenzy

Food is provided by friendly Avillion staff. Watch out for your fingers while you feed the little ones, though — they could be mistaken for food.

Feeding Frenzy 2

You have been duly warned. The animals are a hungry lot.

Me and my Bunny

You get to hold the animals, too!

Putra the Peacock

I tried making friends with Putra, but he snubbed me.

Stairway to Nowhere

There is also a jogging/mini hiking trail for guests. You might not want to get your hopes too high where visiting the Fair Winds Hotel is concerned.

The End


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