Eat, Drink & Live @ Epicure Malaysia 2010


Eat, Drink, Live!

Interested in learning … how to make chocolate? How to cook classic French cuisine? All about golfing? All about beer or fine Italian wine? Where to find roofing or swimming pool specialists?  All of the above?

If you are — or fancy yourself — an epicurean, particularly one who is  educated, of the upper income bracket, lifestyle focused (wannabe snobs/snobs-in-training can take lessons here), block out your dates from Sept 17 to 19 and mosey on over to the Sime Darby Convention Centre for Epicure Malaysia 2010.

Epicure Malaysia is back for the seventh time and is the venue for all lifestyle products and services, from fine dining, wines and cigars to wellness, home entertainment and property. We’re talking about greening your house, kids scuba diving, Japanese tapas, the finer points of etiquette, First Aid (??), slimming — you name it.

Besides the assortment of exhibitors, the fair will also include cooking classes, workshops on wine and cigar appreciation, investments and many more. Bookings can be made at the website.

Additionally, you could check out the brochure here.


If you are not inclined to reading too much, and prefer a shortcut, here’s a TVC you can check out:

I am a snob-in-training, so chances are you’ll see me there. I wanna eat (burp), drink (blurb) and live (whoopee)!!!

*photo credited to Epicure 2010 website.


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