Wanted: National Unity


“To achieve our dreams, we need national unity”.

The Minx calls on all Malaysians to demand for what’s right — not for our individual selves, but for all our countrymen: Malays, Indians and Chinese, serani and orang asli. Vote for leaders that have their eye on the greater good of the country. Aim for checks and balances in the system. Let’s not allow corruption and racism to tear us apart. Let’s not forget how proud we have always been to be a melting pot of many cultures; a single Malaysian identity formed by different ethnic groups.

For more reads on a fairer political system et. al., check out the Tindak Malaysia website. I’ve also inserted below an interesting article from the Time magazine which touches on the proposed National Economic Model in the midst of escalating problems stemming from growing racism and outdated affirmative action policies. Keeping my fingers crossed that the NEM will make things better for all Malaysians. There is no harm in being optimistic…

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