WANTED: Artworks and (former) Art students


Attention everybody: there will be an art sale at The Gallery @ Starhill in Starhill Kuala Lumpur in November.

From the sound of it, this appears to be an event that revolves around former art students. For one, the gallery is looking for original artworks from students that cost not more than RM1,000. Art students who have graduated within the last five years are also needed to organise the event. If you happen to fulfill both criteria, here’s your lucky break — you get to organise an art sale, possibly have full control over peddling your own wares AND network, too. Who knows, you might get your lucky break here.

So, if your work falls under the category of “contemporary work across all media, from paintings, print and photographs to sculptures and more”, you can pay a visit to Chin Chin at The Gallery @ Starhill on the Muse Floor of Starhill shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur, or post a reply below with your contact details, and I will pass on the message.

But be quick about it. Time’s running out.


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