Setting the Stage for Art


SINGAPORE is going to be busy little island this week, looks like.  The inaugural Art Stage International is being held there right now.

The art fair will bring together Asia Pacific’s finest and emerging artists and will be a most awesome marketplace for artists, art collectors, art lovers and those in the business (commercial/public  galleries, dealers, art professionals) to converge and talk shop.

I could’ve gone — last week, Ivan Lam (Malaysian contemporary artist) dropped me a text message asking if I would love to give some coverage on the event — but the obligations of starting a new job got in the way. Speaking of Ivan. He is previewing his latest solo there, and if you know me, you know I’m a fan. I understand that the reception to his latest collection has been amazing.

In my mind’s eye, I see the iconic Marina Bay Sands filled with representatives from 90 art galleries and people from all over the world. The hubbub of conversations sound like a gentle yet electrifying hum as people share ideas and discuss and admire art.

Sure, this is no Basel, but if I know Singapore (I am proudly Malaysian, but, hey, credit has to be given where it is due), this will be one hell of a show. And I believe if things go well, regional art and its practitioners will achieve a greater integration and cohesion and be more challenged to produce better works, comparable to (or would even surpass) that of the West and Europe.

ART Stage International ends on Jan 16th. Good news for the unfortunate souls (like me) who couldn’t make it this time: the fair will be an annual one.

For more details, click here.


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