App-ing 1Malaysia


WAH. 1Malaysia is gonna be an app wor.

Wonder what app-addict Malaysians can look forward to! Maps? Info on culture? Proverbs of the day on unity? Hmm.

Looks like our PM is trying to make up for lost time and taking no chances, having learnt from the experiences of GE 2008. It also seems like he is really into Facebook and Twitter (quote from NST:   “I have more than 500,000 friends on Facebook and about 80,000 people following my Twitter account,” says the PM. Gosh that’s more than me, my brother, my mother and 10 of my friends put together. Wonder who these people are). Got time ka? I thought running a country is a tough job?

Oh, I forgot. That’s how he organised a super cool tea party attended by 600 friends! (This one confirm more than my friends on Facebook lah. Then again, I am not the PM)

Speaking of the tea party… I wonder if Alice was there. No prizes for guessing who the Queen of Hearts is, although there was no mention of her presence at the party in the NST today. Perhaps my mata sepet and I may have missed it out.


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