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If Reinhold Niebuhr were Malaysian…


"I was misunderstood!"

I’m taking my own spin on Niebuhr’s Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the Serenity to accept…that our leadership is flawed, and the extent to which (and when) there can be change,

and that the mealy-mounthed Ibrahim Alis of the nation will always be around to mess up the already frayed nerves of the rakyat and that this is not likely to change;

“The courage…to all still-dithering Malaysians to change the things they can — even if it means having to vote in a ramshackle, porak-peranda Opposition party to prove a point (or at least, get the Ibrahim Alis of the nation off their home made pedestals);

“And the wisdom… to know whom to vote for no matter how dismal a future it may hold AND not to haul ass in spite of the rate things are going…

Shucks. Hope the Bersih rally doesn’t get too out of hand.