Hitting the Limit


IT still surprises me how much the mind, body and heart can actually take.

But, I think I’ve come to realise my limits — for the first time ever — especially over the past few weeks. My body and mind are beginning to stop seeing eye to eye, and my emotions are on a downward spiral simply because of the ensuing internal chaos.

I admit it. I am exhausted — mentally, physically and emotionally and, lately, the fatigue and weariness has been a little overwhelming. Maybe this comes with age; I tire more easily as I grow older. Maybe it’s all the internalising. I desperately need a break. A shoulder to bawl on. A sounding board. I just need to disappear, if only for a while.


About The Malaysian Minx

vivacious. Venus. vocal. Verbose. voracious. Voluptuous. vain. Vacationer. versatile. Vigorous. vogue. Valiant. vanguard. Vamp. venomous. Vociferous. vivid. Vicarious. virtuous (occasionally). Very nice. **Gravatar image is an original painting by Malaysian artist extraordinaire, Meme**

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