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Positivity & Gratitude: Spread the Smiles


I completely agree!

Virata Gamany


Life is truly the school of hard knocks. We’re never prepared for the curve balls that come our way! But I think what makes life that much more bearable is positive thinking and positive affirmation. A conscious state of gratitude goes a long way, too.

I write this today in memory of those who have gone missing on MH370. I cannot begin to imagine the sense of loss and grief their family members have gone through and are still going through; the regret they feel for the things they could’ve done, words they could’ve have said, encouragement they could’ve given when there was still time — and how this all now weighs so heavily upon their conscience.

One thing this tragedy has made me realise is that my problems aren’t really that big; there are others with far heavier burdens to bear. I have my loved ones with me, and, unlike those who have lost their families so suddenly and…

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