The Malaysian Minx has opinions about everything. She is a consummate story teller (or thinks she is), an avid reader and compulsive writer. Thus, Musings of a Malaysian Minx is her outlet to cajole, console, criticise, cheer and challenge.

She has one dog, and four (virtual) pet chickens named Miss Donatella, Miss Speckles, Mr Crowalot and Miss Warble that live in a petting farm in Avillion, Port Dickson. Her dog, Cleopatra, lives with her in Kuala Lumpur. She wants to have more dogs, maybe a pet fish, iguana or maybe some hamsters.

Professionally, the Malaysian Minx cut her teeth as a writer with Hospitality Asia and Retail World Asia magazines, before moving on to the ‘glitzier’ world of journalism with The Star newspapers for five years. No longer a journalist, she misses being an instrument of the written word.

This blog allows her to channel her views on a variety of subjects which she holds dear to her heart, namely food, her country, local art, social causes, life, people and lifestyle  matters. This blog also supports People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

All comments are welcome. Invitations to review events/products/places are also very welcome. The Malaysian Minx seeks no payment; just a wider audience and greater participation from bloggers and readers out there.


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  1. it feels good to find ur email in our box early Monday morn. n thank u for giving ur link. ive read some of ur features and like them. m sure will drop by here again. we’d like to welcome u to NewsFlash and if ud like to write a thing or two in our site, just drop us mail 😉

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