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Project B-2-5: Kitting up the Kitchen


These wall shelves and hanging dish rack helps organise a kitchen with limited surface space. Image taken from IKEA website.

TODAY marks the start of the Project B-2-5 household shopping spree, beginning with the kitchen. Since we decided not to spend too much and concentrate most of our money on the master bath and master room, we decided that the kitchen would be virtually left as is, with the exception of some major polishing and cleaning. The only problem with our kitchen as it currently stands, is that there isn’t much surface space…which meant that having a dish rack, spice rack or spatula container, was going to be a tad problematic.


With the sink and cooker hob, there’s not much surface space left in the kitchen!

One way around the problem was to get hanging racks. Which was how I ended up in IKEA, despite every disparaging remark I’ve ever made about the Swedish homeware giant. I mean, these guys really know how to visually market their stuff! As we walked through the individual show spaces, I ended up taking down notes on the items that I wanted to buy. And the list came out to be quite extensive!

But, I was a good girl and ended up buying only one wall shelf (to dry my pots), a hanging rod, a hanging dish rack, hooks, and a hang-able spice rack and spatula rack. I also ended up buying a floor lamp for less than half the price of what I spotted at Kare! All in, the bill came up to less than 500 bucks. Not bad.

A floor lamp for our hall.

A floor lamp for the hall.

Tomorrow, I will go hunting for boxes to pack up my books and CDs. And this weekend marks the big hunt for the WC, basin and shower head for our master bath, and vanity counter for the hall sink area. And maybe some pendant lights if I find some nice ones along the way.


Project B-2-5: And so it begins…


New Home

THIS morning, the contractor sent me several pictures of my new home. It’s been more than a year since we bought the house and nothing had been done all this while, as the legal work took forever. It was surreal, looking at pictures of just-hacked walls and discussing about our WC measurements and shower mixers. It’s real now, and I still can’t believe it.

Owning my own home is the biggest thing to happen to me, and Project B-2-5 is dedicated to this phase of my life.

In reality, Project B-2-5 started more than a year ago. After months of house-hunting, we finally made our choice and began with the legal work. A few months ago, I started doing serious research on the Internet, and began putting my ideas into sketches. I also began getting recommendations for contractors from friends. After narrowing down to three contractors, we decided on Alan.

Alan has been good so far; he understands my sketches, is very prompt and provides 3D sketches so we can visualise how he has expanded on my ideas. The only thing is, Alan doesn’t come cheap. But cheap is not necessarily good. The important thing is to go with someone who can work within your budget, and whom are comfortable with and who understands your vision.

Now to wait for my home to slowly materialise … and get down to actually purchasing what’s needed.