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Goodbye 2014: Looking Ahead


You came so quickly, and now you’re gone;
I never had the chance to make right all my wrongs
So much unsaid — no, too much said!
So much hurt
These burdens of such staggering weight.

If I had but one wish for 2015
It would be to get things right:
To be thankful and happy,
And content in all things in spite
Of shortcomings and weaknesses in myself and others
To accept defeat and move ahead
To be selfless and brave, instead.
Strong, unyielding, persistent;
To embrace pain, and be resilient
To leave be, all that is beyond my control
To laugh more and cry less
And know deep in my heart that I’m blessed.
To realise that all I have comes from above
And to always offer thanks from a heartful of love.

Copyright Malaysian Minx, 1 Jan 2015


Why can’t I be like…?


Some days I wish I was someone else. Like that hot, irritatingly-skinny chef that runs this hip bistro in the suburbs and who whips up gastronomical storms that would melt a man’s heart.

Me — I wear old food-stained aprons, and can only cook a few boring, pronounceable dishes. I have only baked two kinds of cakes in my lifetime and, even then, not very spectacularly.

Alas! I can only be me. After all, everyone else is taken. Like that chef….