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Communication Crisis, More Like.


Picture credit: bedosbonaterra.com

I RECEIVED a phone call as soon as I arrived at the office this morning, which left me wondering about the effectiveness of certain tactics employed by telemarketers.

Telemarketer: Hello, is this the Corporate Comm department? Can I speak to the person in charge please?

Me: Yes, it is. What’s this regarding please?

Telemarketer: It’s about Crisis Communication.

Me: Is this a conference or a training session?

Telemarketer: It’s about Crisis Communication. I need to speak to the person in charge before I speak to other departments.

Me: (puzzled) Well, you can speak to me.

Telemarketer: Ok, who am I speaking to please?

Me: (I tell her my name)

Telemarketer: Oh hi, I’m calling regarding Crisis Communication and we’d like to invite you to a….

Me: ..So this is a training session after all?

Telemarketer: Err, yes. We would like to invite you to a training.. held xx days in Singapore… (nonstop nattering for a good one minute without pause for breath — impressive)…can I know if you have ever attended something like this before?

Me: (by now, I am getting annoyed because she immediately launched into a pre-crafted marketing spiel which meant absolutely bollocks to me, plus I was in grave need of that second shot of caffeine, which left me, well, even more annoyed. So. Deep Longsuffering Breath.) Can I at least know who I’m speaking to please?

Telemarketer: …blablabla…(caught off guard) Oh. Yes. I’m Karen… (then launches right back into it without skipping a beat)

Me: (this time I give her only about three seconds) Karen, do you think you could email the programme to me so that I can pass it to the department that handles training?

Telemarketer: (brief silence) Oh. Sure, but can I know your designation? I need to send this to senior management only, I cannot simply send to anybody.

Me: !!!??

Sounds like Communication Crisis more than anything. Wish I could say that I put down the phone on Karen, but the nature of my job is such that I am required to grit my teeth and be nice even if, in reality, what I really want to do is poke her eyeballs out and give her a wedgie. Still, gotta give her credit for trying.

Anyways, here’s an interesting and funny post from The Bach on the 10 Ways to Stop Telemarketing Calls… Hv fun 🙂