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Where are Katy Perry’s Boobies?


CERTAINLY not on Sesame Sreet.

The well-endowed, cleavage-flashing singer didn’t get the green light from parents who chanced upon her singing ‘Hot N Cold’ with Elmo online recently (you can read more here).

In the video clip which was shown on Sesame Street’s YouTube channel, Miss Perry wore an acid green dress with a very generous décolleté. Now, if Elmo were real and a heterosexual male, he would be a very happy man indeed. After all, he kept getting a nice eyeful of the bouncing twins.

Permit me to slip into Malaysian colloquialism for a moment.

Aiyah… this is a kids programme lah, sister! What were you thinking? Ya lah, kids are growing up faster these days, but this is Sesame Street lah! Kanasai!

I am not a puritan, not by any standard, but there are some things that should remain sacred — childhood, being one of them. It’s bad enough that kids barely capable of caring for themselves are fathering children at a rate that leaves some of my married friends frothing at the mouth in envy! Suggestive dressing on a squeaky clean show like Sesame Street sounds like an endorsement of childhood decadence.

What I didn’t quite get was why Sesame Street picked her in the first place. I mean, every time I have seen her on the telly, she’s showing off her cleavage. And even if they had to, why didn’t they make sure she was appropriately dressed before the shoot?

Anyway, the segment was yanked from the show. Kudos to the parents who sent in negative comments on the outfit. There is still hope of preserving the innocence of children. Or am I kidding myself?